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Customer Reviews

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Epic Cooler

This cooler is epic! My husband used it for a bachelor party and loaded it up. We’ve used it for vacations and more. The straps are comfortable and you can fit so much inside this cooler. Plus the shape is great to fit in a vehicle and pack a lot of luggage around it.

Thank you for the great callout on the features and packability of the cooler. We hope it serves you well at all of your gatherings.

Erin Lucci

Love this backpack cooler. Recently took it to the beach. Was so easy to carry and kept everything nice and cool!

Nothing better than having a cooler at the beach that's easy to haul and functions great. We hope you had a great time at the beach...and had time to enjoy some delicious Certified Angus Beef.

Makenzie Shank
Frozen for 9 hours!

My family took a trip this past weekend and we put some frozen items in this cooler with ice for the trip hoping that when we arrived the items would still be mostly frozen... Well after 9 hours, they were COMPLETELY FROZEN STILL! Needless to say, we are beyond impressed with this cooler. The zipper is tight so you know it will not leak either. Great product!

It is so exciting to us when we hear in a review that our customer has put the Backpack Cooler to test at the level it was intended by design! This is great. We appreciate your review. Thank you for your 5 star review and the details shared from your experience.

Sara Scott
Love this cooler!

I am amazed at how much fits in this backpack! I have used it several times and have loaded it to the very top with ice, it never leaks. Perfect for travel, allows you to free up your hands when making a trip to and from the car with your cooler. Very functional and works exactly as expected.

Thank you for your great review. Yes, excellent insulation and a waterproof zipper are amazing features, along with the removable backpack panel and straps. We are thrilled to hear you love it. Thanks for the review!

Favorite thing to take on trips!

This backpack cooler is amazing and holds so much. The backpack straps allow for easy carrying. I use this for parties, weekend trips, day trips, and more. I have received so many compliments on this item. It never leaks and is easy to clean.

Wow! You are really putting the Backpack Cooler to great use!! We are so pleased to hear that it performs exactly as designed. We love hearing it.

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