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Chef’s Salt & Pepper Duo

Chef’s Salt & Pepper Duo

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Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Flake Salt and our signature Five Peppercorn Mélange come together to create the perfect spice couple. Add this salt and pepper shaker duo to your table to accompany the perfect meal or use it to refill your Certified Angus Beef ® marble cellar.


Himalayan Flake Salt

The unrivaled purity of Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Flake Salt brings pure flavor, straight from the mountains. This salt adds a touch of brilliance to every dish.


Five Peppercorn Mélange

Chef-crafted and ground for your convenience, this custom blend combines black, white, green and pink peppercorns. Add to your Certified Angus Beef ® steak to complement its unrivaled flavor and juiciness.

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Customer Reviews

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Love these Products

I redeemed my points for the Certified Angus Beef Salt and Pepper cellar last year--I had always wanted one! I had a small balance remaining on my $50 gift card so I stocked up on the sea salt and pepper to keep my cellar filled. I love these products. They give an AMAZING flavor to beef, any meat (when you want to mix it up) or vegetable (they are good for us). I would not dream of buying a grocery store meat seasoning loaded with fillers and MSG. This is all you need. High quality, wonderful flavor, great results.

Awesome! You are right. Salt and pepper are typically all that is needed. When both seasonings are high quality, robust and pure, it makes a world of difference. Thanks for appreciating our quality. That means a lot to us here at the brand!

Erin Lucci
Not your normal salt and pepper

I never knew there was a difference in salts or peppers.. but after using this I know there is! It’s delicious and creates raving reviews from family and friends.

Both the salt and pepper are elevated in deliciousness. We appreciate the review noting that. Glad you are enjoying both!

Perfect Blend

A must have for your kitchen--Perfect blend for any dish.

We are so happy to hear that you are loving the Chef's Salt & Pepper Duo. Our own Certified Angus Beef chefs developed this delicious pepper blend. We hope you find the Pink Himalayan Salt to be robust and a great accent. Enjoy it! Thanks for the review. We appreciate you.

Jessica Wharton
My Favorite!

The only salt and pepper I'll use! And, it makes a great gift paired with the marble cellar.