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Linen Tea Towel

Linen Tea Towel

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Crafted in France, this luxury tea towel is ideal for decorating, polishing crystal wine glasses or embellishing your favorite charcuterie board. It’s woven in a jacquard design with 100% extra-long staple cotton to ensure stronger, softer and longer-lasting fabric. It also comes with a hook loop for easy storage when not in use. The perfect gift for home cooks, chefs and foodies!


  • 100% extra-long staple cotton
  • Woven in jacquard design
  • Hook loop
  • 22 in. (55.8 cm) x 30 in. (76.2 cm)
  • Made in France

Use and Care

  • Wash separately before first use (95°F, 35°C).
  • Machine wash (95°F - 140°F, 35°C - 60°C) with a color-safe detergent.
  • Tumble dry on medium setting.
  • Iron back side only on high setting.


  • If stained, act quickly. Do not iron a stain.
  • Do not overload washing and drying machines.
  • Unfold linens before placing in washing and drying machines.
  • Avoid laundry detergents containing bleach.
  • Allow for shrinkage, as cotton and linen materials will shrink to some extent.
  • Avoid creases by pulling linens out of drying machine before completely dry and fold. Iron if necessary.
Never over dry linen.

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