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Customer Reviews

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Love the size and look, and feel durable

These are large utensils -- they feel solid and heavy and durable. I've been enjoying using them this week to barbecue.

Hey, Kyle, glad you're loving using the Pitmaster Tools. Thanks for the review.

Great Craftmanship

I have two sets of these tools, one at home and one in the travel trailer. Best BBQ tools I have owned. Heavy duty, the handles are great. Love the cleaning brush, don't have to worry about losing bristles when cleaning the grates.

Two sets? Wow, you beef hero. We are so glad to hear that you love the Pitmaster tools THAT MUCH. Thank you for your stellar comments. Keep grilling the best beef, friend!!

No more skipping washes....

Okay okay I admit it: in the past I've been guilty of skipping washes on my grill tools "I'll just flame sterilize it!".

Hopefully I haven't lost too many of you ("ewww.. gross!") and God forbid my wife ever reads this review, but suffice it to say thanks to this Pitmaster grill tool set, I will *never* skip a wash again; these are just too nice to not have be sparkly and new! The tools are really nice sized, they are full tang stainless steel, and they are seriously heavy duty.

As a guy somewhere in my mid-to-late 40s, it's nice to buy things like this and be able to think "this might be the last one of these I ever have to buy!, and that mantra absolutely applies to this grill set!

Okay, okay..........we admit it: this might be the funniest review we've received. Yes, Jay, WASH THE TOOLS. Thank you for the nice comments on the technical features and quality. Happy grilling!

Heavy duty

These are some heavy duty, sturdy tools. I'm impressed with the quality. They will definitely make grilling a more pleasant experience.

YES! Grilling should be a pleasant experience and the eating even more so. Thanks for the positive review, Kelli.

Really beautiful grilling set.

These heavy-duty grilling tools are well-weighted in the hand and have a really beautiful wood handle that doesn't appear to splinter over time. They come individually bubble wrapped. The grill cleaner comes with a steel-wool pad already in place and two extra pieces. I included a photo (last one) of the tools I am replacing to show the difference in quality.

Thank you for the detailed review, Jennifer. We are really glad that you are impressed with the quality and weight of the tools. Happy grilling!!

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