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The Certified Angus Beef ® brand

Stemmed Crystal Wine Glasses

Stemmed Crystal Wine Glasses

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Designed with the taster’s engaging experience in mind, this set of four stemmed, lead-free wine glasses is ideal for any wine lover. Each glass features a generous surface area and rippled bowl, so wine may be swirled, oxygenated and developed, with the bonus of showing the hues and reflection without having to tilt the glass. Set of 4, 21 fl. oz. Designed in Italy

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Customer Reviews

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Pam Roberts
Love these glasses

I have been looking for this type of wine glass for a very long time. These are the type of wine glasses that the Wooster Inn used for all of their wine tasting dinners. The ridges on the bottom of the glass are perfect for enjoying your wine's bouquet.

This is one of the most exciting reviews we've received, Pam. YES!!! The rippled bottom is there for a functional purpose. You've got it! And, we are so thrilled you found them with us. We hope you enjoy many lovely hours with family and friends while using your Certified Angus Beef crystal wine glasses. Thanks so very much for review.

Awesome glasses

These amazing glasses make even an average wine taste better. The tempered glass is not easily broken yet the very fine crystal creates the perfect glass to drink your favorite wine out of. Love them. The bottom ridges of the glass create an awesome way to aerate the wine while drinking.

We are so happy to hear how much you are enjoying your lead-free crystal wine glasses. The picture certainly tells the story. Thanks for calling out the rippled design. The Italian designer placed them for design interest and true purpose. CHEERS!

Megan Besancon
Best Wine Glasses!

I didn’t register for red wine glasses on my wedding registry because I knew I wanted these glasses! They are sturdy and not easily broken. They can take a healthy, generous pour and perfectly aerate the wine! They are great for a wine night with the ladies or dinner with my husband. I love them!